Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer of Unbelievable Luck (!!!)

Hello kids. Sorry for my absence, I've been getting adjusted to SUMMER! School got out for me last Tuesday, & I've been partying it up, relaxing, consuming unhealthy amounts of strawberries, & having crazy good luck... For example, today Style Sample Magazine, Issue #2 was released, and I'm one of the contributors!

I'm so excited! I haven't mentioned it very much, because I didn't want to spoil the surprise, but ahh!! Crazy. I wrote about How to Take Great Photos, as you can see mentioned on the cover, & pages 2-4 & page 19, where my article is written. I got a full page! And yes, my real true name is revealed! I suppose you'll just have to read the magazine to find it out... But in all honesty, I go by Sprinkle for a sense of whimsy & being anonymous, so I'd appreciate it if I could still go by Sprinkle. :)

Chiclet and I have been having great fun so far... Like I mentioned, eating way too many strawberries, hanging out with friends & taking pictures in the grass, reading amazingly hilarious books, (see list below), swimming in the dark at her little corner of the lake, journaling, playing sand volleyball at 10:30pm, & coming home to find a package from NYLON magazine in my mailbox, opening it up, and discovering I'd won a free Paul Frank iPod Touch skin! Ahh! Now I just have to buy my iPod touch.... (!)

It's so beauuutifullll... And that's what I mean about amazing luck! Perfect weather, unexpected packages from NYLON, being a published writer... I can't believe it. Today Chiclet came over & we went to go see Up at the theatre, journaled, and found a chiclet vending cart in the middle of the theatre!! Can you believe it? Like I said, unbelievable luck... So of course, we had to have an impromptu photo shoot... Speaking of which, Chiclet is available for modeling. :] So if you have a magazine/publication/legal use for modeling, I can get you connected with her agent. That sounds so cool... Agent.

Chiclet with little baby-candy-chiclets. Delightful. Now since I've spent the majority of this post just ranting and raving about my summer, I think its sort of my duty to give you something of substance, so without further adu, here are my reading suggestions && complete playlist to make this summer your best! Because literature & the soundtrack of your summer can make a huge difference.

Sprinkle's Favorite Books: Summer 2009

Kiss My Tiara and Hipocrite in a White Pouffy Dress, both by Susan Gilman; Popism: The Warhol Sixties by Andy Warhol and Pat Hackett, The Autobiography of a Fat Bride, We Thought You Would Be Prettier, & I Love Everybody (And Other Atrocious Lies), all by Laurie Notaro (she's brilliant!), The Funny Thing Is... by Ellen DeGeneres, I Was Told There Would Be Cake by Sloane Crossley, Necklace of Kisses, The Weetzie Bat Books, Violet & Claire, and anything else written by Francesca Lia Block, Art & Soul by Pam Grout, anything by Keri Smith, Daniel Price, Danny Gregory, or SARK, & NYLON Magazine. :] Speaking of magazines, does anyone subscribe to BUST Magazine that would be willing to send me their old copies? :] Preferably those with Lily Allen, Amy Poehler, and Tina Fey on the cover... Any would do though! I can't find them anywhere. :(

Sprinkle's Soundtrack to YOUR Summer! 75 Amazing Goodies.

Create a playlist at

EDIT: If the playlist isn't working for you, go here!!! :)

I devoted my entire morning to making that playlist as accurately fantastic & mind blowing as possible. There are tons of different genres in there for every different taste! From Regina Spektor to Flo Rida, M.I.A. to Ingrid Michaelson, Lady GaGa to The Ditty Bops... Listen to every single track, don't judge before listening! If listened to correctly, this will give you a song for every moment and opportunity in your summer! :) These songs are those I listen to for inspiration & getting pumped for big projects, so I hope it can do that for you, too.

Have a good summer! I'll post something more substantial soon, I pinky swear. xoxo, SPRINKLE


anywhere I lay my head said...

It's so good with a bit of luck! I can't wait to read the magazine and listen to your playlist<3 Amazing amazing! And the Paul Frank skin is amazing too!

sparkly stars (: said...

well done on your article in style sample magazine sweetie :]

p.s thank you for making the playlist. i love how theres such a variety of songs for every kinda moment in summer <3

skyye said...

maddie is a gorgeus name! it suits you just as well as sprinkle ;)
understad, as i, too write under a pseudoname. so yeah :D

great post and beautiful photos on your article as always


in company with sparkles said...

Mmm strawberries!
My life of no more school (until I teach my own kids) starts in one week!

Keep enjoying your summer :) Congrats om your wins!

Christie Cottage said...

How cool is that!!!

shooting stars said...

i love your playlist!